like I always think about it in regards to beauty people are so fixated on revealing that someone isn’t as “beautiful” as they appear specifically when it comes to women

she’s wearing makeup and contoured her face! she picked a good angle and lighting! that’s not what she was born~~ with!

it’s weird and freaky and invasive and most importantly FUTILE because we all can build our own version of beauty and it doesn’t fucking matter what steps you took to do it and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s not who you really are

it ultimately stems from insecurity because if you look at a beautiful woman and the first thing that comes to your mind is that she must be deceiving you it’s because you have problems with how you view yourself and you’re fixated on how your beauty comes off to others

She Took Us To The Places Where The Sun Sets by Current 93


the main difference between Laura and me is that Laura is half white half asian and I am half white half stupid

pomeray: you look like maria carla boscono!!


Anonymous: I want to live in your hair.

Rent = brushing it 3 times a day

I look like mom today 
Talent - FKA Twigs signed to The Young Turks/XL RecordsPhotography - Jamie James MedinaStyling - Jean-Paul PaulaMakeup - Bea SweetNails - Michelle Humphrey @ LMC Worldwide
Penetralia by Coil
I deleted this photo before but I actually like my bangs like this and for once I am not insecure.

trying really hard to get back on track

Most important beautiful person
Photographer Charlie Engman for Open Lab Magazine. Styled by Jay Ott.
Ph. Coco Capitan for VICE magazine